Fashion has always been a very important part of my life; whether, it’s the clothes I wear, the fashion shows, the creativity of styling or the invention of your own ideas – I love fashion. I have been advised on many things in my life, but in terms of fashion, the most important piece of advice I have come across is that first impressions are important. As shallow as that may be, it’s true. Society has trained us to look at someone and derive their personality based on what we see.

As a self-distinguished fashionista from Canada, I have recently come home after spending three beautiful years in France. I have spent numerous hours shopping, reading fashion magazines and books, discovering the latest styles and mixing and matching outfits. Fashion with all its ideas and customs, has become a huge passion of mine, more specifically: my life.

From One Ocean To Another is my way of taking my adventure into the fashion industry to the global community of the internet, where hopefully my ideas, my journey and creativity will reach other like-minded fashionistas. While working towards my dream of moving back to Paris -and crossing the ocean once again – my personal designs, ideas on styling, and guidance on fashion will be among the headlines; however, little surprises are always just around the corner!

Yours truly,



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