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Street Animal

I love those days when you nonchalantly throw on a bunch of different pieces and it turns out to be the perfect outfit, which you continually wear on a daily basis for the next week. This outfit was the Meryl Streep of all outfits, winning multiple self-awarded prizes. I felt comfortable, chic, and totally on… Continue reading Street Animal

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Out With The Old, In With The…Older?

You know you’re getting older when “A Wrinkle In Time” is no longer a reference to a 60s novel, but rather the sudden appearance of lines on our faces. So, it’s important for us to find the little things that bring us joy, without the worry of spending money. Don’t worry, I definitely have the… Continue reading Out With The Old, In With The…Older?

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The Turtleneck And The Hair

As we get closer to winter and the joyous holiday season, there is a slight sadness in seeing everything "disappear". The once colorful leaves are dried up and the flowers have wilted away, the only thing that keeps growing are my roots, which in theory, does not have that chic ombré look I was counting… Continue reading The Turtleneck And The Hair

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Congratulations On The Big Day!

Instagram has been flooding my feed with the typical "it's that annoying time of year where it’s sweater weather in the morning, but by midday you're sweating buckets". I mean I'll take that over icicles growing on my skin, but talk about frustrating fashion. Every day we have to wear our coats to work, and… Continue reading Congratulations On The Big Day!

Feature of the Month

Feature Of The Month #8

As I sit here writing this post, I have just looked at my trusty weather app and found out that this upcoming weekend is going to reach high 20's! For many, that is normal at this time of year, but for me, summer had already closed their doors as the cold wind chill of autumn… Continue reading Feature Of The Month #8

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A Quick Detour To The Watering Hole

Spontaneity is fun. Our best times and crazy memories always tend to happen from spontaneity. However, for us fashionistas, when we decide to be spontaneous we are often caught off guard and in terms of outfits we definitely are not prepared. Take for example, when 5:00pm rolls around and you’re heading home for a Netflix… Continue reading A Quick Detour To The Watering Hole

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A Midsummer’s Night

I've always had an issue with wearing black in summer. When it's so bright and cheerful outside, dark somber colours seem so out of place. However, there really is no other colour that looks good on every single person, as well as exuding utter elegance, even in the glowing rays of sunlight. While out on… Continue reading A Midsummer’s Night