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A Quick Detour To The Watering Hole

Spontaneity is fun. Our best times and crazy memories always tend to happen from spontaneity. However, for us fashionistas, when we decide to be spontaneous we are often caught off guard and in terms of outfits we definitely are not prepared. Take for example, when 5:00pm rolls around and you’re heading home for a Netflix… Continue reading A Quick Detour To The Watering Hole

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A Midsummer’s Night

I've always had an issue with wearing black in summer. When it's so bright and cheerful outside, dark somber colours seem so out of place. However, there really is no other colour that looks good on every single person, as well as exuding utter elegance, even in the glowing rays of sunlight. While out on… Continue reading A Midsummer’s Night

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From Princess To Peasant

Ah, there's no better feeling than a cool fan blowing in your face while the humidity rises. Unless, you're talking about a cotton dress on the first official day of summer when Sun's angry mistress decided to show us how heated the fight was. Lightweight, soft, and full of life, this cotton summer dress was… Continue reading From Princess To Peasant

Feature of the Month

Feature Of The Month #7

If the sun is shining, but the air is still crisp, our Feature of the Month #7 has the outfit for you! Perfect for work, casual strolls around town, afternoon drinks, or anything really, this outfit has all the summer staples. Jeans: check; striped top: check; cute flats: check; and stunning silver jewelry: check! And… Continue reading Feature Of The Month #7

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Awake In Satin

Satin has always been known as silk's cheap friend, which is rather rude, but also seriously true. Not to mention the way silk feels on your skin - talk about luxury! Silk and satin are two fabrics that have long been associated with sleepwear, but even way before this whole pyjama trend became a day-time… Continue reading Awake In Satin

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Born To Be Bright

Talk about standing out from the crowd! This is seriously the best outfit for when you're meeting your blind date and he needs to spot you at that busy intersection. Moving on...It can be scary to wear two extremely vivid colours together, but the contrast will create the trendiest, and most animated outfits! Colour is… Continue reading Born To Be Bright

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Subtly Silver

Sometimes you just want to put on the most random pieces in your closet and hope that it all turns out okay. The reason why this ensemble turned out well was because I had a base colour of black (yeah, turns out I do like to wear somber hues every once in a while!), and created… Continue reading Subtly Silver