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Awake In Satin

Satin has always been known as silk's cheap friend, which is rather rude, but also seriously true. Not to mention the way silk feels on your skin - talk about luxury! Silk and satin are two fabrics that have long been associated with sleepwear, but even way before this whole pyjama trend became a day-time… Continue reading Awake In Satin

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Born To Be Bright

Talk about standing out from the crowd! This is seriously the best outfit for when you're meeting your blind date and he needs to spot you at that busy intersection. Moving on...It can be scary to wear two extremely vivid colours together, but the contrast will create the trendiest, and most animated outfits! Colour is… Continue reading Born To Be Bright

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Subtly Silver

Sometimes you just want to put on the most random pieces in your closet and hope that it all turns out okay. The reason why this ensemble turned out well was because I had a base colour of black (yeah, turns out I do like to wear somber hues every once in a while!), and created… Continue reading Subtly Silver

Feature of the Month

Feature Of The Month #6

One of the things I dislike the most about fashion magazines is their instructive guides on what to wear at what age. Yes, I do believe that certain types of clothing are designated for younger and older women. However, the line is so fine, that if worn perfectly, everyone will always wonder how you've pulled it… Continue reading Feature Of The Month #6

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Time Travelling Jeans

At this point in my life, I shouldn't be surprised that fashion is an evolution of styles that grow through the decades. It's one of the reason's why I love it so much - I can relive the past! Now, as much as I hate to admit this, I haven't always been fashion-forward. The last… Continue reading Time Travelling Jeans

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Style Mascot

Have you ever seen those photos of celebrities at basketball games in the most extravagant outfits? Well, I have to say, I am 100% for those looks at sporting events. I mean, just because it's sports, that doesn't mean we have to show up in jerseys and sweats. Plus, you never know if you'll get… Continue reading Style Mascot

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Skiing Down The City Slopes

It's a fact that every cloud has a silver lining - sometimes we just have to look a little harder. And not to sound like a broken record, but in winter it's harder to find that lining. So when copious amounts of snow were dumped on us last week, I took it as a sign… Continue reading Skiing Down The City Slopes