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Little Black Boots

If you do not have a pair of black ankle booties, stop reading right now and go out and buy a pair. Just like Chanel made the LBD a staple in all fashionistas wardrobes, the LBB (Little Black Boot) needs to be incorporated onto the pedestal as well. I mean, below I have two completely… Continue reading Little Black Boots

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Rockin’ Lips

I'm probably the only person in the whole world who would ever admit this, but I love winter and I wish I lived in a place where there was snow. The weather here has gotten much too Springish for my liking. I mean it's only January. Don't I deserve 0 degree temperatures for a least… Continue reading Rockin’ Lips

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From Gray To Fuchsia

I love a good hat. I'm such a crazy hat (not cat...I swear) person, and I never really used to be. Even though I've cut my hair quite short, a good toque (and here comes some interesting Canadian vocabulary) is not only a good ear and head warmer, but also a pretty chic winter accessory.… Continue reading From Gray To Fuchsia

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Classy, But Never Boring

Pizzazz. I love that word, probably because it has the word pizza in it with an extra two z's. But that's beside the point. I love being flashy and bold and slightly "out-there" with my style, which is why this look today is a tad classy for me, minus the exotic flamingo-shirt (but who doesn't… Continue reading Classy, But Never Boring

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Floral In -5 Weather

I'm back! I know I've been away, but when you're with your family and friends, nothing else seems to really matter. Alas, here I am to get back into my routine. Here's a fun outfit that I wore during the holidays. I love how versatile shorts are; while these are made for winter (they are… Continue reading Floral In -5 Weather


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from my dog and I! Even dogs can be stylish! Joyeux Noël de moi et mon chien ! Même les chiens pourraient être stylés !  

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Cocktail Dress At Sunrise

What bothers me the most about stores is the fact that everything is already set up in specific categories the moment you walk in. You have your evening wear, casual wear, and sportswear all separated neatly. While, yes, this does create a more organized space, most people will automatically assume that those clothes can only be worn… Continue reading Cocktail Dress At Sunrise