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Floral In -5 Weather

I'm back! I know I've been away, but when you're with your family and friends, nothing else seems to really matter. Alas, here I am to get back into my routine. Here's a fun outfit that I wore during the holidays. I love how versatile shorts are; while these are made for winter (they are… Continue reading Floral In -5 Weather

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Cocktail Dress At Sunrise

What bothers me the most about stores is the fact that everything is already set up in specific categories the moment you walk in. You have your evening wear, casual wear, and sportswear all separated neatly. While, yes, this does create a more organized space, most people will automatically assume that those clothes can only be worn… Continue reading Cocktail Dress At Sunrise

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Chic And Petite 

I’m petite. At 5’2″, my vision doesn’t extend beyond looking at people’s backs. However, non-expansive views aside, fashion has never really been on my side. It’s really hard fitting for a curvy, petite figure. I have always been told what I shouldn’t wear because of my height. One of these rules has always been that… Continue reading Chic And Petite 

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One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

My love for thrift shopping probably started during my preteen days. I would go to Value Village and find the trendiest thing I could (which, in retrospect, was not even the slightest bit fashionable). Then I discovered the fast fashion houses of H&M and Forever 21 and life was good for a while. However, my… Continue reading One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

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Colour Me Winter

When it comes to winter fashion, most people think that they cannot wear colours. Winter completely neutralizes people's wardrobes in browns, blacks, grays and navy. However, as I mentioned with the raincoat, don't let simple "rules and regulations" of fashion stop you from keeping colour all year round. Wear the pink pants, or the bright… Continue reading Colour Me Winter


Christmas Sweaters

Ok, so, even though I am in my mid-twenties, Christmas gets me going every year. I LOVE IT. Maybe even a bit more excessively than others. For me it's everything, but mainly the fact that I finally get to see my family that I (normally) haven't seen since the previous Christmas. The best part is… Continue reading Christmas Sweaters